A holistic sensory experience!

“You are not in the world, the world is in you.”
“Have you ever experienced anything ‘outside’ of yourself? Every smell, sound, taste, every sensory experience is being experienced internally in your field of experience! The whole world is experienced in you!” @nishthef1sh

Emma’s core collection of eight inspired fragrance blends of essential oils have been selected for their aromatherapy benefits and hand-blended by Emma using the principles of natural perfumery.

Our luxury handmade soaps have been developed in keeping with the same all-natural ethos as our much-loved soy candles, being palm oil free, vegan, and not tested on animals, and in the same 8 pure essential oil scents as the original core candles collection. More than just soap, the unique combination of specifically formulated botanicals and Emma’s own inspired essential oil blends, altogether in their beautifully designed distinctive packaging create a holistic sensory experience.

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