Citronella Tin Candle

Emma’s So Naturals’

Citronella Tin Candle

comes in a Larger 200ml Tin

Perfect for travel, in the garden, balcony, barbecue or picnic! 

40 hour burn time approx.

Citronella is  uplifting,  sweet-sharp and lemony, air clearing & refreshing, plus it has reputed repellent qualities for smaller flying insects.

People have been using plants to drive away flying insects as far back as the Greeks and Romans

and citronella is one of the most widely used natural repellents around.

Handmade in Ireland and fragranced using only Pure Essential Oils.

With no paraffin, parabens, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrance.

Palm Free. Vegan. Never tested on animals.
When lighting outdoors at night,  some insects are irresistibly attracted to the flame and can burn and or become trapped in the wax.

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