Organic Candles

Are Emma’s Candles Organic?

While always looking for, and working with the best ingredients available, Emma’s So Naturals’ Candles currently use a US grown Eco-Soy wax – if an oil has to undergo a chemical process to be solidified, as soya oil does – it is no-longer ‘organic’.

So called ‘Organic Plant Wax’ is  generally Solidified Palm Oil, which  is controversial , and we don’t use  Palm in  any of our products – here’s why, and more here! Another Organic wax could be Beeswax, but all of our products are Vegan and so, we don’t use Beeswax .

Since 2012 we have been working on trying to use Irish grown oils to produce our candles, we have constantly changing experiments with different wax blends underway, but as a small home-based business we are limited in the amount of experimenting we can do, and the scale of our operation and the ever-growing demand for our current product range means we’ve not yet been able to produce a home-grown candle of such good quality that I’d be happy to put my name on it. Our work in this area continues.

Regarding the issue of Organics: We only use pure essential oils, and yes some of these are organic pure essential oils, where available and affordable, but not all of our blends are always available with organic oils. The volume of essential oils used is usually from 3% – 10% depending on the fragrance, and certified products labelled “organic” are required to contain at least 95 percent organic ingredients!!!

If there are candle makers broadly claiming to be organic, then it is usually because within their range they have a small amount of products containing organic ingredients, and it is actually highly unlikely that their ‘natural wax’ candles are truly organic at all. Some more information.

That’s why we don’t brand our product as organic, and we don’t make any sweeping organic claims, and while I will always choose organic foods and natural cosmetics over non, unfortunately the lack of requirements and regulation in the ‘organic’ cosmetics arena currently fall very short to garner even my own faith.

Regarding our soy wax I quote the manufacturer here:

All EcoSoya® soy waxes:

  • Are made in the USA with DOMESTICALLY grown crops.
  • Are 100% vegetable, made with Pure Soybean oil, GUARANTEED!
  • Are all NATURAL and biodegradable.
  • Are manufactured meeting FDA standards.
  • Are Kosher Certified.
  • Are NOT tested on animals.
  • Are FREE of palm wax.
  • Are FREE of petroleum, paraffin or beeswax products.
  • Are FREE of pesticides and herbicides.
  • Are FREE of toxic materials.
  • Are FREE of Genetically Modified Material.