Focus on Fragrance: Lavender


Focus on Fragrance: Lavender

Emma's Lavender Collection

One of the original candle fragrance we created, it’s one of Emma’s favourite essential oils ,and Emma even includes a sprig of  garden Lavender in her daily pot of herbal tea!

Emma’s Eco-Soy Candle’s popular Lavender candle is fragranced using only French Lavender Pure Essential Oil. Lavender is soothing and healing – for a relaxing atmosphere.

What is commonly called Lavender is actually many species of plant. There are 2 common varieties, French Lavender and English Lavender, but both varieties can actually be grown anywhere; English Lavender being a hardy variety able to withstand cold winters, and French Lavender having been cultivated for the French perfume industry due to it’s ability as a large plant to yield a large volume of oil.

Most Lavender is grown for it’s fragrant oil, which is valued worldwide for perfumery and medicinal purposes, it’s a herb and is popular in French cuisine! French Lavender is used primarily for it’s wonderful aromatic properties. It smells great, it is calming and can help you relax,  it is used to encourage sleep and is also used topically to relieve body aches, as a cleansing antiseptic, and an insect repellent.

Emma’s Lavender Candles are available in 50 hour boxed tumbler candles, 20 hour tin candles and new wax tart melts from

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