Hello 2023!

I’m so excited to enter my 13th year in this business!

Creating these candles and designing their natural fragrances is an incredibly fun and satisfying thing to do each day! Thank you for coming along with me on this amazing and fulfilling journey since 2010!

Emma Fallon Perfumer & Founder Emma's So Naturals creating a new essential oil blend.
Emma Fallon Natural Perfumer & Founder Emma’s So Naturals

Fragrance creation is the real artistry of this creative business and this time of year, January & February, for me, is the most creative time. It’s never quiet!

When I’m done restocking the shelves and some happy sold-out retailers after a busy Christmas period then it is time to play! I usually spend this ‘play-time’ working on the development of a new product to add to the Emma’s So Naturals range, such as soap, aroma diffuser blends, maybe something different that my customers have repeatedly asked me to create like reed diffusers, more skin care, and so on.

Clary Sage leaves & buds

This year, in early 2023, it is time for me to design and launch a new natural fragrance!

This new fragrance I’m creating has been like an ember burning away in my minds creative workspace – for many years!

It began with a seed planted long ago upon smelling the delicious aroma of its central flower’s essential oil and I’ve returned to it again and again over the past few years, as it called to me, exploring its features and benefits and figuring out what other oils to partner it with to bring out its best qualities in a natural fragrance blend for candles, soap and so on.

Clary Sage Flowers

The time I find myself at in my life mirrors this plants reputation for benefitting women’s health, particularly during menopause and so the time to celebrate it, by letting it shine through in this whole new pure essential oil fragrance blend that I’ve specially designed around it, is now!

I’ve been working with essential oils in natural perfumery and aromatherapy for the past 13 years, learning, harnessing and sharing their widely reputed benefits. In particular I seek out oils that will calm moods, uplift and energise, ease and soothe and whos fragrant notes will work in harmony together with others to beautifully perfume the air. One of the oils that I really love, but have not yet included in a fragrance blend is Clary Sage.

Clary Sage essential oil could have a calming influence on nerves and emotions, relieving tension & stress, creating a more positive outlook on life. It can boost creativity and intuition. During menopause Clary Sage oil can reputedly help reduce hot flushes, night sweats, palpitations, irritability, as well as headaches and dizziness.

I’m going to blend this incredible oil with other endearing allies including Lavender, Geranium and Frankincense, which together will create a delightfully fragrant essential oil blend that is uplifting, balancing and stimulating, and soothing for seekers of inner peace!

Flowers, bottles & perfumery raw materials flat lay

Keep an eye on our social media posts @emmassonaturals and look out for future newsletters announcing the launch of this exciting new fragrance collection from Emma’s So Naturals.