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Self-care Ceremonies from Emma’s So Naturals

Discover Emma’s So Naturals New Self-care Ceremonies Carefully curated products come together to create an experience that makes you feel good, to alleviate stress and soothe anxiety. We have personally selected complementary & sustainable products that will offer you an indulgent sensory experience! We want to encourage you to take time out, to rest & ... Read More

Focus on Fragrance: Clary Sage

Clary Sage – a new original fragrance from Emma’s So Naturals for 2023! Clary Sage allied with Lavender & Geranium can stimulate creativity & with their calming influence together inspire a positive outlook. When creating new and unique fragrances, Emma constantly seek out oils for these blends that will calm moods, uplift and energise, ease ... Read More

Hello 2023!

I’m so excited to enter my 13th year in this business! Creating these candles and designing their natural fragrances is an incredibly fun and satisfying thing to do each day! Thank you for coming along with me on this amazing and fulfilling journey since 2010! Fragrance creation is the real artistry of this creative business ... Read More

The glorification of busyness!

I find as I get older I’m better at downing tools or just saying ‘No’! Stiff fingers and menopausal achy joints help me quit or not embark on some things, but I’m not glorifying busyness anymore! It’s a trick! Now, this is easy for me to say in January while it’s my business’ quiet time ... Read More

We want to give you €10 off!

We want to give you€10.00off your next purchase All you have to do is tag us @emmassonaturals on Instagram with a nice photo of yourEmma’s So Naturalscandles, soap, wax melts or oil blends in your home! We’ll DM you your discount code from Instagram messenger! Find us on Instagram @emmassonaturals We spend a lot of time creating ... Read More

A holistic sensory experience!

“You are not in the world, the world is in you.”“Have you ever experienced anything ‘outside’ of yourself? Every smell, sound, taste, every sensory experience is being experienced internally in your field of experience! The whole world is experienced in you!” @nishthef1sh Emma’s core collection of eight inspired fragrance blends of essential oils have been ... Read More

The natural fragrance creation process.

How Emma sets about creating natural fragrances using aromatherapy & perfumery techniques! “A passion for natural products, perfumery and aromatherapy inspire the natural fragrance creation process I use when creating our all-natural pure essential oil blends.” Emma Fallon Emma chats about the fragrance creation process. The below is a transcript of the Instagram Live video ... Read More

The fragrance creation process.

How the fragrance creation process goes for me. I’m formulating a new fragrance blend today. Well, I’m blending some oils today. The concept for a new fragrance begins some time before I get to this stage, as a seed thats planted in my imagination… an inspired notion, an idea, maybe even a dream! I can ... Read More