Citronella Tin Candle – New for Summer 2016

Large Citronella Tin Candle – New for Summer 2016 Larger 200ml tin: perfect for outdoors, pic-nics, barbecues, & travel! 40 hour burn time approx. Citronella is sweet and lemony, air clearing & refreshing. It has reputed repellent qualities for smaller flying insects. Handmade in Ireland and fragranced using only Pure Essential Oils. With no paraffin,

Focus on Fragrance: Lemongrass

Focus on Fragrance: Lemongrass Our most popular fragrance!  Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil is invigorating, energising and clears the air. Lemongrass Pure Essential Oil is distilled from a perennial fast-growing aromatic grass, with long, thin leaves and originally growing wild in India. The oil has a beautiful lemony, sweet smell. It is invigorating, energising and it