An all-natural story!

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Hi I’m Emma Fallon! I’m glad you found your way here!

You’ve been looking for naturally scented candles for your home, right? Well, same here!

I’ve been creating them since 2010 and I continue to design and hand-blend my own, original signature essential oil blends and I use them to create these natural scented candles for you to enjoy!

I’ve developed the Emma’s So Naturals™ collection of candles as a natural alternative, handmade in Ireland from the highest quality plant wax & scented with my own blends of pure essential oils. You won’t find them as unbearably strong as some well-known paraffin or even synthetically scented soy candles.

You will instead experience a more pleasant, natural & delicate fragrance. 

Plant wax is longer, cooler and cleaner burning and is renewable. Plant wax is water soluble so your containers can be reused or recycled.

All of the products are naturally fragranced with beautifully inspired blends of only the purest Essential Oils. Essential oils give a naturally delicate, clean fragrance that will not overpower the room. Essential oils also offer many widely renowned healing aroma-therapeutic benefits ranging from the relaxing effects of Lavender to the uplifting spirit of Citrus Fruits.

The Emma’s So Naturals range of Candles & Soaps do not contain any parabens, paraffin, artificial dyes or synthetic fragrances.

Our Values:

We are a family business, supporting other small, Irish businesses.

We are passionate about using natural ingredients.

We strive to provide alternative, cleaner, healthier products for people everywhere to enjoy. We share these core values with our customers and strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible.

Emma’s So Naturals is an environmentally conscientious company from sourcing ingredients, design and packaging locally – to hand producing candles in re-usable, recyclable or biodegradable containers.

Emma’s So Naturals’ unmistakable, unique bright floral branding and aesthetic has very quickly become a national favourite, who’s success is driven by Emma’s creativity, passion and by the growing demand for quality, all natural products.

Why choose Emma’s So Naturals?

  • Handmade in Ireland.
  • Fragranced with only 100% pure essential oils.
  • Made with pure renewable & biodegradable plant wax, rapeseed or coconut wax…
  • And a cotton wick.
  • All natural, long lasting & clean burning without soot build-up.
  • No paraffin or parabens.
  • No artificial dyes.
  • No synthetic fragrances.
  • Vegan, not tested on animals and palm oil free!


Emmas are Guaranteed Irish Buswells

Emma’s So Naturals – our history:

An Irish, family run business, based in Ardee, Co. Louth, Emma’s So Naturals was established in 2010 by Emma Fallon. Emma was looking for a natural and alternative way to fragrance her home, while reducing her family’s exposure to chemicals. Emma found that exposure to some perfumes and fragranced household cleaning and personal care products made her feel unwell and often triggered headaches, so it was while investigating more natural alternatives for these products, that Emma came up with the idea of creating her own!

After some time experimenting and exploring different essential oils, their aromatherapy benefits along with their valued pride of place in many perfume blends as top, middle and base notes, Emma’s first scented products were ready to launch, and these early candles – made using up-cycled glass jars and pretty vintage china teacups – were a sell-out success at local craft fairs.

Today the Emma’s So Naturals brand has grown in strength and the range of products available has now evolved to include beautifully designed 50 hour boxed glass Tumbler Candles, 20 hour Tin Candles and Wax Tart Melts, Handmade Palm-Free Soap and new Pure Essential Oil Aroma Diffuser Blends, all in a growing range of inspired, hand blended all-natural, pure essential oil fragrances.

Handmade in Ireland!

Guaranteed Irish Logo

How Irish are your Irish Candles?

Emma’s boxes and labels are beautifully designed in Co. Meath & Co. Louth.

Emma’s Labels are expertly printed in Duleek in Co. Meath.

Emma’s tumbler boxes are masterfully produced, printed and manufactured in Ireland on FSC card.

A selection of our high quality essential oils are sourced in Ireland.

Website designed (by Emma) & hosted in Ireland.