Emma’s Plant Wax Candles Collection

Emma’s So Naturals

Scented Candle Collection

The Emma’s So Naturals Scented Candle collection features three candle sizes; a

boxed Glass Tumbler Candle (40 hours burning approx.), a

round Tin Candle with a lid (20 hours burning approx.) and

Wax Tart Melts which are specifically designed for use in an oil burner. 

Emma's So Naturals Full Collection

All of the Emma’s So Naturals products are available in

8 core pure essential oil fragrances and

occasional  limited edition seasonal fragrances, with new fragrances coming soon!

Emma's So Naturals Citrus-Blend Tumbler & Box

Emma’s So Naturals Scented Tumbler Candle

Wrapped in a beautifully gift-able box, designed in Ireland. Emma’s Large 200ml Tumbler Candle is ideal to fragrance any room in your home. Our Glass Tumbler is reusable after cleaning. Burn Time is approximately 40 Hours.

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Emma’s So Naturals Scented Tin Candle

Ideal for use in smaller rooms, such as a bedroom or an en-suite bathroom and also great for travel with their handy lid. These 100ml tins are packed with Essential Oils and come with a lid to seal in the oils when not in use. Burn Time is approximately 20 Hours.

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Emma So Naturals Tart Melts

Emma’s So Naturals Scented Wax Tart Melts

Specifically designed for use in an oil burner. Simply place the Wax Tart Melt into the bowl of an oil burner – no need to add water and light a tea light underneath, the melting wax releases the beautifully delicate pure Essential Oil fragrance. The melt will re-harden and you can use it again and again until it stops releasing a fragrance, then you simply remove it and replace it with a new tart melt. Our Tart Melt container is made from compostable material – simply remove the labels and dispose of as organic waste.

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