Candle Refills & Recycling

Candle Refills & Recycling

You can actually re-use your cleaned out Emma’s So Naturals glass tumblers after the candle has gone as a drinking glass, as we use only pure plant ingredients in the candles, and they are dishwasher safe! As soy wax is water soluble you can clean out the glasses with hot soapy water, and then run it through the dishwasher. Please don’t put wax in the dishwasher! Wax can clog your drains!

You can also re-use your cleaned out containers as bathroom storage for clips or cotton buds, for your makeup brushes, for a succulent, the possibilites are endless!

In making a concientious effort towards reducing waste, we welcome your cleaned out glass tumblers and boxes for reuse (as new), if you want to return them to us carefully packaged by post or at one of our craft fairs.

If you return x10 clean Emma’s So Naturals glass tumblers, I will send you a disount code worth €5.00 off your next purchase!

Q: What will happen the glasses I return?

A: If they are  like new, I will treat them as such, polish them up and remove the label to be turned in to a new candle!  Returned boxes will be reused too, if like-new!

Q: Who pays for returning the candles?

A: The customer will cover the cost of returning the candles. When you place any online  order with you  already receive free ROI shipping for orders over €50.00, plus you receive a 10% discount code for future  online orders over €20.00 on your shipping confirmation email and it’s stamped on the invoice included with your order!  The most expensive element in our candles is the pure essential oil, then the eco-soy wax. The glass tumbler and packaging are not so expensive, but unfortunately are required for protection and product information. If you return to us 10 cleaned out Emma’s So Naturals glass tumblers, I will send you a disount code worth €5.00 off your next purchase!

Q: Will you refill other candle containers?

A: Yes, depending on how busy we are with our regular everyday production and business  (Christmas  time i.e. October, November & December, are usually incredibly busy) we can refill your cleaned out candle jars with soya-wax and a selection of Emma’s So Naturals pure essential oil fragrances! You can post them (at your own risk) or drop off at one of our craft fairs, payment is taken in full prior to refilling – minimum order is  200ml, the price is €18 per 200 mls, plus shipping, depending on your container volume. Please place your refill order by email or message

For further refill enquiries Just get in touch!

You can also buy our glass tumbler candles unboxed, along with our new handmade soap (off-cuts ) for a limited time here!